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Little Circuses
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Little Circuses

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Little Circuses: The Biggest Little Spectacle In The World!

Step right up, step right up, the Little Circuses are open for business! Build your big top with attractions that’ll wow the crowd. Recruit sword swallowers, dare devils, and mesmerizing mystics in an effort to turn your little road show into a fixture of fun! Designed by Kevin Wilson (TMNT, CHEW, Descent) Little Circuses, is frolicking fun for 1-7 players of any age.

Little Circuses is worker-placing, circus-building fun for up to 7 players. This little gem is ready for your biggest game group and still playable in just 45 minutes!

• 7 Star Attraction Cards 
• 1 Ringmaster Board 
• 7 Circus Boards 
• 7 Bleacher Boards 
• 60 Starter Attraction Tiles 
• 90 Advanced Attraction Tiles 
• 35 Used Markers 
• 30 One Coin Tokens 
• 20 Three Coin Tokens 
• 7 50/100 Fame Tokens 
• 1 John the Ringmaster Mega Meeple 
• 60 Audience Meeples 
• 7 Fame Markers 
• 7 Player Order Markers 
• 7 Spotlight Markers 
• 1 Attraction Tile Bag 
• 1 Rulebook



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